Developing Long Term Solutions For Your Business

Powerful, robust & reliable software

We work with our clients to build and deliver powerful, robust, and reliable software solutions tailored to their needs. Extensive research is done in the planning phase to ensure the solution will meet the desired business objectives and goals of our clients now and into the future.

Wildfire Software Development

Providing advanced wildfire products for decision makers for two decades! Our years of experience in software development for forestry and wildfire lets us provide a range of subject matter expertise, consulting services, and software development that’s unmatched for the wildfire field.

Windows App Development

Creating custom software for a variety of clients, ranging from aircraft maintenance scheduling to simulation software. We are well versed in all modern development tools, languages, and toolsets needed to develop and deploy reliable and efficient native Windows platform applications.

Database Development

Heartland Software has extensive knowledge in a variety of database platforms. We are well versed, and in fact have taught courses, in database development and efficiencies. We can provide services to modernize your existing database schemas and applications.

Rest API’s

Heartland Software has implemented and consumed REST API’s in a variety of languages and adhere to open standards for design and documentation. Multiple clients and agencies have successfully integrated our API’s. We can provide examples where needed.

Mobile Development

Heartland Software has implemented website which are mobile-friendly, as well as deployed native applications for iOS and Android, using a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Please inquire for details on how we may assist you here.

Rewrite / Update Existing Product Suites

Heartland Software has successfully ported and updated legacy projects using Borland’s OWL and Microsoft’s MFC libraries and compiler tools, to modern languages and compilers. Where necessary, we can completely rewrite your applications into languages such as C# or Java, or re-target them to web applications. Our work here can also cover updates of antiqued databases, into more modern tools.


Need a Custom Solution?

We offer a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your software solution needs.

Our Process

At Heartland we firmly believe in extensive communication and partnership to achieve a successful project. This ongoing communication starts right from the Discovery phase until the Delivery and Maintenance phases of software development. We strive to ensure that the final product developed meets your needs and helps assist in achieving your business goals.


Planning and Discovery

Some clients have a very focused project in mind, such as modernization of a software suite, where other clients have a vision that needs exploratory discussion to detail options, scope, and needs of the project. Deliverables in this stage may cover documented concepts, statement of requirements, and where possible, early estimate for budgeting and timeline purposes.


Details and Architecting

This phase covers workflows and dataflows, selection of technologies, and high level architecting of the software project. It also includes early stage mock-ups of the user interfaces (whether native application, web, or mobile) and selection of underlying infrastructure (hardware requirements, operating system). Decision making is key at this stage as it can impact the timeline and budget, so each aspect is documented with notes on options and rationale for selection.



This phase of the project transforms the concepts and visualizations, into working software. Here, an iterative process of development, testing, and revisions occurs. Deliverables in this stage are regular progress updates and reports, and prototype software versions to test and provide feedback.


Acceptance and Revision

Rapid development and incorporation of new functionality transforms into review and existing functionality for refinement and acceptance. Extensive testing verifying the software at every stage and quality assurance is a vital part of software development methodologies. Deliverables in this stage are documentation, copies of software, and reports. Where appropriate, training may also occur.



There are many approaches to deploying software, whether it be open source or closed, Windows or Linux, and native application or software-as-a-service exposing REST API’s. Deliverables are specific to your application and infrastructure.


Support and Maintenance

Once your software is deployed and used, we provide support and services for long-term maintenance. This may include updates for increased functionality, or address revisions to other software that is used (such as updates to the operating system). This work is typically performed on an as-needed basis.