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Developed Products Available In Use

We offer a series of products available as a service, or to purchase, across multiple industries that we serve. These solutions offer quick implementation time as the software itself has been developed and ready to set up for your business. These products can be tailored or licensed to fit your needs, or to create a custom solution. Alternatively, we provide consulting services to use, adapt, and/or apply these products to your needs.


Realtime automated wildfire predictive modelling. Deterministic and ensemble outputs from a suite of weather models. Implemented for the 2021 Canadian fire season, modelled all western Canadian wildfires in near real-time for 2022, and over 1000 simulations simultaneously.

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Fully automated, distributed large scale software service developed to provide static risk analysis of an area, linear feature, specific values at risk, or even entire jurisdictions.

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Advanced High-Performance Polygon Library

This library is implemented and used by Prometheus, the Canadian Wildfire Simulator. The base implementation is C++ and is available with C# / .Net wrapper.


Android HeatMap

A custom control to render heatmaps in an Android application. Draws different intensity points across a two dimensional canvas with a user defined colour gradient. The heatmap is highly configurable allowing the layout of the image, the rate that points reduce to background, and how the points themselves are represented on the image to be customized by the user.



A Java and C++ time library with microsecond precision. Able to store and manipulate dates, times, and durations in both languages. Basic timezone functionality is available with a collection of pre-configured timezones from around the world.



A multi-function Java library that includes collection types (linked lists), unit conversion methods, translation helper utilities, and C++ porting helpers that can mimic C++ language features in Java.